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April 4, 2013
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i. someday the sight-starved
will find more than just the moon -
that i promise you.
we've seen all of what happiness

will never be and
like liquid stars in the milky way,
smiles will seep down
into the oceans of your laughter.

never mind what they said
about shady equilibrium;
it's only man's insecurity.
truth is, there is no
karma -
no rule, no eyes
watching over you;
just the forgotten remains of the
god that falls on us
every time it rains.

ii. someday, my dear,
those cranes won't just be
an exhibition of folded paper -
and those tears you cry now?
[which you hate so much?]
will leak into my arterial walls
and tell me they only tell stories of ecstasy;
we just have yet to realize.

love, it won't be long
till autumn will not be as forgotten
and between these
multiple shades of grey, will rest
the emptiness within yo[us]
and the broken smiles
of a shattered yesterday.

iii. grieve not, sweet traveler -
our draining journey has just begun.
and though you have been without comfort for so long,
hold onto the strings
pulling your heart together,
for i am not far from home -
not far at all.

think of dancing star-light
across a sky enveloping a forest
that only tells stories of success
and nothing else.
good times await
on the other side of the
moonbeam you see.
i am not far, love;
you are not far from home.

iv. look toward the reflection
that you loathe so strongly.
see through my eyes -
my forlorn irises who can't see beyond truth and fact.
see how the years have been unkind
and how little
gave us in return
for what we lost,
you are not gone, love, you
are never
from home.

the voices will stop, and your drawers will close
before you notice,
before anyone knows.
and you'll find your eyes, your vision, insight.
think only of liquid stars in the milky way,
as smiles will seep down
into the oceans of your laughter.
because someday the sight-starved
will find more than just the moon -
that i promise you.
full title: to anyone who ever opened time-spared drawers of dreams.

This was actually written over a year ago for a friend who only liked to disappoint me, and though it was written for someone who never existed, I think it's still one of the better things I had written. My words are...scarce. Not entirely gone but not entirely there.

So since the feeling behind this poem is still alive, as poor and sappy the execution may be, this is now newly dedicated to *0hgravity for being one of the greatest friends I've had in a very long time.

edit: thanks for the DD, guys :heart::heart: i'm truly, truly honored to have my second <3
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-09-18
time-spared drawers of dreams by *your-methamphetamine is beautifully warm and uplifting. ( Featured by DorianHarper )
Time-Signature Dec 15, 2013  Student General Artist


Can I please quote a little phrase in one of my stories?  (I'll credit you, of course!)

If not that's okay too, but it just fits so perfectly...

Thank you so much!

ah, I'd be honored. I'd just like to be credited appropriately :heart:

so sorry for the late response, sweet <3
Time-Signature Dec 16, 2013  Student General Artist

Fwaaaa thank you so much!!!!!!  Thank you!

No, it's totally okay!

this is so beautiful, it made me smile... very well deserved DD :)
so glad you think so! <3
Time-Signature Oct 6, 2013  Student General Artist

Ah, sweet relief.

It's surprising that just by reading this, all of my freaking out about the math final (that I'm doing right now) disappeared somewhere.


This is one of my most favorite poems~

Thank you~

(And now back to my math test).

gosh, that makes me feel so wonderful you don't even know. I'm honored it made you feel better and I hope that math test went well! thank you <3
Time-Signature Oct 13, 2013  Student General Artist

You're welcome~

I hope so too (but I don't want to know either...I might have flunked...NOOOOOO)

(you didn't! go seeee!)
Time-Signature Oct 14, 2013  Student General Artist

Dun dun dun...


It's not graded!

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